I am the chief diving instructor at Latchi Watersports. I am a PADI Course Director who joined the Latchi dive team at the beginning of the 2017 season. Previous to this I spent 10 years working in Southeast Asia. I’m all about diving, diving and more diving! I add my experience to an already professional and experienced diving team.

chief diving instructor

Debbie Lloyd

I am originally from Nottingham, so it goes without saying that I’m a Nottingham Forest fan. I have been married for 20 years to Stuart, but when I am not diving I like to read and socialise. My diving started in Sicily where I completed my Open Water course, and then I progressed on to Egypt to complete my Advanced Open Water. My Dive Master qualification was completed as an internship with Latchi Watersports Centre in 2015.

Nottingham Forest Fan
PADI Dive Master

Johnny Ashwin

So where do I start? Just a simple guy from the East Midlands, who spends his days underwater. Perhaps, being British, the attraction to cold, sometimes baron and harsh environments is what attracts me to the submerged way of life. Many an ocean has played host to my brief diving career, from the hustle and bustle of Thailand to the tranquil Whitsunday Islands in Austrailia.

Bat Fish

Hans Roelofs

Since the age of 14, I have thrown myself into every watersports activity possible. I am now 64 and still involved as much as I can be. I have been diving since I was 15, spending most of my time around the North Sea. My diving highlights were diving with white tip reef sharks and gong to the Blue Hole in The Red Sea. In 1980, by accident I ended up in Cyprus with the intention of just passing through. After scouring the area, I decided to set up shop on the beach with just a small boat and a canoe. This was the beginnings of Latchi Watersports Centre.


David Stangroom

26 years ago I was working on the cruise ships, and was asked if I wanted to complete my Open Water diving course in St. Croix. From then I have never looked back! From my first dive with Eagle rays and Nursing sharks, it was just……wow. A while ago, I decided that after diving as a hobby, I wanted to become an instructor, so I could pass on my enjoyment by teaching and encouraging new divers.

PADI Instructor

Romany Burns

I am a diving instructor and after working in South America for the past couple of years, I decided to come closer to home, so I joined the diving team at Latchi for the 2017 season. I am looking forward to summer, when the sea gets warmer as this time of year it’s a big change from what I am used to.

PADI Instructor

Nicola Greenaway

Hey – I am a diving instructor originally from Stratford Upon Avon which is in the middle of England. I have spent the last 8 years working around the world which shows when you listen to my accent! Super excited to join the team for the 2018 season, meeting great people and sharing my passion for the ocean.


Latchi Dive Centre is a PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centre on the Northwest coast of Cyprus.

PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centres (Five Star IDC) are dive centres that meet all PADI Five Star Dive Centre standards, plus offer PADI Instructor-level training. Five Star IDC have at least one PADI Course Director on staff and are committed to offering PADI Instructor Development Courses and continuing education opportunities to dive professionals. These businesses excel in using the PADI System of diver education to introduce people to scuba diving and then provide the continuing education that allows individuals to progress on to the dive professional level. If your goal is to become a PADI Scuba Instructor, find a PADI Five Star IDC to start earning the world’s most recognized and desired professional scuba rating. If you are looking for 5-star service, come to us.

How many dive centres have three commercial dive boats available for daily use?

Here at Latchi Dive Centre we do. That means we can provide a more attentive service to our customers. We can offer greater flexibility and a more reIaxed feeling to our dive trips. If training with Latchi Dive Centre you can enjoy your classroom sessions in air-conditioned comfort with the latest PADI materials available for your viewing. Our equipment is modern, well-maintained and available in all sizes, plus you have the option to buy your own diving gear in our well stocked dive shop.

Latchi Dive Centre is located on the Akamas Peninsular, an area of outstanding natural beauty on the north-west coast of Cyprus.

The Akamas is the only large unspoiled coastal area remaining in Cyprus and one of the very few important sea turtle nesting areas in the Mediterranean. Both the Loggerhead Turtle and the rarer Green Turtle nest here; the latter relies on the Akamas beaches for its survival in this region. The Akamas National Park is only a few minutes away from the dive centre. The areas’ natural beauty continues below the surface of the crystal clear waters. Stunning walls, caves, swim-throughs and abundant marine life makes for some great diving. So after diving, explore the Akamas, a truly memorable experience for those visiting the area, both above and below the surface.