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Discover Scuba Diving Course in Cyprus

The ocean has always been a massive part of my life.

Growing up I never thought that I might take a Discover Scuba Diving Course in Cyprus. It has definitely made me realise how vital the sea is to our ecosystem and the island as a whole.

Snorkelling had been a daily activity as a little girl, but I always wanted to stay under the water that little bit longer.

Plus, the snorkel always filled with water, and I felt like I was drowning (not ideal, I may confess).

I then tried free diving. With no expert teacher, I failed miserably and could never stay down without feeling my head and lungs were going to explode. So, I thought, what if there was a way I could swim underwater for lengthy periods and see all the wonders without feeling like I’m about to drown? Latchi Dive Centre came to my rescue.

I went to Latchi Watersports as a little girl.

My family and I used to hire a self-drive boat out in the summer break of school. I used to look at the staff members with such awe; they had the best job in the world!

When I discussed my trouble with snorkelling with one of the staff members called Lucy during a very in-depth conversation about the boat we were on, she mentioned the extraordinary life of diving. I was sold on the idea. I grew up, hoping to be a diver.

As a surprise, my family had booked me in for a DSD (Discover Scuba Diving Course). Unbeknown to me what a DSD was and what I had to do, I was sure I would be a fully-fledged diver by the end of the day.

When we arrived at the centre, broad smiles greeted me. I was slightly nervous, and they said I had to fill out some paperwork beforehand. Jokes aside, I was somewhat worried whether I would come back from this dive. (Dramatic, I know!). I completed the legal forms with staff members Romany and Ash, who reassured me that I was not about to die and would come back in one piece; thank god! A slight problem arose whilst filling out my forms. I had a medical condition with which I had to confirm for the enrolment. Therefore, we all had to take a trip down to the doctors in Polis Chrysochous to make sure I was ‘fit’ to dive.

Taken on a trip around Polis, the doctors note in my hand saying I was suitable to dive; we were off back to the centre ready to get kitted up – which is what I thought.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course in the Blue Lagoon with Latchi Dive Centre, Cyprus

Before I could get in the water, I had to watch a video about the Discover Scuba Diving Course on which I was about to embark.

I was even more excited and nervous all at once. Romany sat with me and explained anything I didn’t understand or on which I was stuck. Heading off to Latchi Dive Centre, both staff kitted me out with all the relevant equipment needed for my dive. I officially looked the part and had all the diver’s terminology. I just needed the practical element now!

Due to the sea conditions that day, we walked down to the beach, which was less choppy and clearer. Hotter than hell in my wetsuit and probably going to pass out on the walk, we reached the shore. Eager to get in, Ash helped me placing my tank on my back, and we all did a buddy check before getting into the water. I received my mask and snorkel to put on before entering the water and my fins to put on once in the water. Floating about like a beached whale, my nerves got the better of me. Romany was an incredibly calming influence with a gentle and informing tone that was instructive and easy to follow.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course in the Blue Lagoon with Latchi Dive Centre, Cyprus

Once we were under the water, a slight panic came over me.

How do I breathe under the water? How am I to take my regulator out of my mouth? All these questions and more ran through my mind when Romany made the “going up sign” with her thumb. We got back to the surface, and she explained how we were going to dive, explained all the skills all over again, and to trust the process. Relax when under the water and breath as regularly as I would on top.

Back under the water, we go. I started to breathe like a regular person as if I was on dry land, and we were off to a good start. The regulator skills were easy, it came to the mask, and after a few attempts, we finally got it. I felt so bad, but Romany and Ash were both so patient with me. Once I had performed all the skills, I’m guessing to their standards, Romany explained we were going off for a little swim. When people usually say swim about, I instantly think of long exhausting laps and lots of kicking and flapping.

We descended, and swimming was effortless, breathing all at the same time!

I was officially doing what I had always dreamt. A look at the underwater world for lengthy periods whilst BREATHING! After I had seen countless fish and seagrass, we turned the dive around and headed back to shore. I was elated. Ash again helped me with my tank whilst on the beach, and back to the centre, we walked. I handed over all the equipment to Ash to clean and dispense with whilst Romany and I sat down and discussed the dive. She was very professional and made me feel amazing.

Thinking I was a fully-fledged diver and could now go out on my own, she informed me that, unfortunately, was not the case.

However, she did point me in the right direction of an Open Water Course. I booked it there and then. I asked if she would be my instructor, as she could not promise me that, so she introduced me to a few other qualified divers, including Dave, JD and Mark. They were just as good, confirmed Romany.

Furthermore, I might not have come out as a professional diver who could dive on my own, but I did have a fantastic dive and cannot wait until I start my Open Water Course and develop my Recreation Diving Career.

…a blog post by Paige

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