Assistant Instructor - Johnny Ashton, Latchi Dive Centre, Cyprus

Assistant Instructor Evaluation

Assistant Instructor Evaluation - Johnny Ashwin

It had been a good few years (five to be exact) since I began my foray into the world of professional diving and after a winter spent diving around Asia and a second season at Latchi Watersports about to begin; I felt it was time to progress with the PADI Assistant Instructor Evaluation at Latchi Dive Centre.

For me; the logical progression was to become an Assistant Instructor (AI). Given I had done my previous courses with a different organisation, the PADI Assistant Instructor Course was a great stepping stone towards the ultimate goal of becoming an instructor.

Becoming an AI meant I could teach Discover Scuba Diving courses; which is a huge help to both myself in terms of learning and development but also to my colleagues who may want some time out of the water now and then!

Sitting down with Johnny, our Course Director, he made me feel very comfortable with the decision I was making and explained how it would benefit me directly as well as in the future. Having someone with the experience and knowledge of Johnny being your instructor is somewhat inspiring as he has completed many levels of training and holds a position that I someday see myself becoming.

The beginning of the course consisted of familiarising myself with all things PADI and getting to understand what is required on the course and how they would come in useful when I become a fully-fledged instructor.

After further developing my knowledge through several presentations and practice scenarios; we headed to the water to sink our teeth into the practical aspect of the course. Joining myself and Johnny in the water were our other instructors, Dave and Nicola. They helped play my students which was a difficult task; having to pretend two experienced instructors were Open Water students wasn't easy for my first time presenting some skills! Upon completing the in-water skills, we had to do a couple of rescue scenarios to ensure I was still up to scratch. Having not done these for a number of years; I was a touch rusty, but with the help and guidance of Johnny, Dave and Nicola we finished the skills and Johnny congratulated me on becoming an Assistant Instructor!

The next step for me is to practice my skills over a busy summer period and prepare for the full Instructor Development Course; scheduled to take place later this year. Oh, and of course treat my colleagues to a beer or two!

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