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Daily Dive Trip

Daily Dive Trip to St. George’s Island

…with Latchi Dive Centre (Latchi Watersports Centre) and Hans Roelofs at the Helm!

We are lucky to be located on the edge of the beautiful Akamas National park, with clear calm waters at all depths. It’s the perfect daily dive trip!

Some days we can have up to 40 metres visibility. That really is Fun Diving! We have over a dozen dive sites on our stretch of coast and many people travel the length of the island to dive some of our favourites. Rich in history, these waters hold many tales about shipwrecks, roman harbours and volcanic disturbances.

Latchi Dive Centre is the only dive centre in Cyprus to offer Do It Yourself diving. You can rent one of our speedboats, diving equipment, safety equipment and a member of staff as your surface cover (if requested).

St. George's Island Dive Site on the Akamas Peninsula with Latchi Dive Centre, Cyprus

We offer several different dive packages for qualified divers.

Group discounts and custom packages are available. Choose from Two Dives, Night Dives, Six and Ten Dive Packages, Multi-Experience Dive Packages and Zenobia Wreck Dives.

For that special V.I.P diving experience we offer the very best private, one-on-one diving trips and private tuition.


The Zenobia is the Number one dive site in Cyprus and rated among the top 10 wreck dives in the world! She’s a 172m long Swedish roll-on roll-off ferry that sank on her maiden voyage from Sweden to Syria and sunk of the coast of Larnaca.



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