‘Das Boob’ Our new submarine

… Well, here she is – What you’ve all been asking for.

This Summer we launch an unbelievable underwater delight. Our new submarine called “Das Boob” – after the 1981 film ‘das boot’


She has one crew member and can accommodate two more passengers for just over two hours underwater to a maximum depth of 205m.

This means you’ll be able to see the magical underwater world on the deep side of St. George’s Island. A place where no human has yet visited. We are also finalising negotiations so that Das Boob can also be used at the Zenobia Wreck in the summer months. So watch this space!

Keen to see Das Boob? Pop-down to Latchi Watersports Centre today and get your photo taken with her.

As you can imagine the interest in taking a submarine trip has been overwhelming. Tell us what you think you would be a fair price for an underwater trip of a lifetime. Each month, we’ll be giving away a free place on Das Boob. All you have to do to become a submariner in Cyprus is to like and share this blog post and tag three friends.

More about St. George’s Island and how you can explore it on das boob.

The best of the dive sites in the Akamas, and one of the best in Cyprus. The west wall of St. George’s island, which is suitable for all levels of divers. The visibility is normally 20m but can be up to 40m. A sheer drop from 10m down to 32m will make any diver’s day. The bottom slopes down to 40m. A great dive site great for more advanced divers and divers wanting to complete their deep diver course. Colourful sea slugs can be seen at the bottom of the wall. Also, many types of fish to see along the way. Look into the crevices to find octopus, moray eels, peacock worms, squirrel fish and many others! A wide open cave at 8m is a great way to finish off the dive.

The east/south side of the island offers excellent tunnels. Swim through the huge schools of fish, including cornet fish, squid, bream, tuna, grouper and even barracuda! Most of the marine life can be seen between 10-15m. However, for the more adventurous diver, there are 16th-century anchors at 42m. And, for the even more adventurous, go deep with das boob.

For more information about das boob and to book this unbelievable opportunity, please contact us on +357 26  322095 or email info@latchidivecentre.com

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