Divemaster Internship Callum O’Sullivan at Latchi Dive Centre, Cyprus

Divemaster Internship at Latchi Dive Centre

My name is Callum O’Sullivan, I am 18 years old and have just finished the first month of my divemaster internship here at Latchi Dive Centre (Latchi Watersports)

The first time I ever tried diving was a try dive in Egypt in 2009. I went on to complete my Open Water Course in Cambodia in 2011.

After that, I did a few fun dives in Thailand and then didn’t dive for years. The internship program has enabled me to get back into diving again. And will hopefully give me a divemaster qualification by the end of the season.

I am really enjoying my time here and have completed my Advanced Open Water course with my instructor; Romany. I have also participated and assisted on fun dives, discover scuba diving courses and an open water course; building my knowledge and ability within diving and the operations of the centre in general. I have learned to help with surface cover as well as diving in the harbour to clean one of the boats that we look after here in Latchi.

One of my other hobbies is sailing. I am a dinghy instructor.

Because of this, I have been able to help with operations at the Anassa Beach Watersports centre. Here I have been teaching some of my colleagues the basics of sailing.

I have really enjoyed my first month here at Latchi Watersports and I look forward to all the adventures that will come my way over the season!


My name is Callum, and I'm on a Divemaster Internship at Latchi Dive Centre


If you are looking for a summer of fun and hard work, working in Cyprus, spending your time learning a new skill set, meeting lots of people with similar interests, all on the doorstep of the stunning coastline of the Akamas peninsula; home of the Blue Lagoon, then maybe Latchi Watersports Centre is the place for you.
By Dive Centre Interns