Latchi Dive Centre Intern - Jack Perry

Latchi Dive Centre Intern Jack Perry

I have now been a Latchi Dive Centre Intern for almost a month.

Each day has brought on new skills, new people, new environments and most of all new adventures. I have learned so much in the short amount of time I have been here.

As a Latchi Dive Centre Intern, I began the month by working towards my open water qualification. For this, I had a great instructor who remained calm no matter what. And, really supported me throughout the course. I had a chance to learn many things both from my instructor and from the course itself.

Nothing can really describe what the feeling was when I first submerged myself fully and under the surface and hit the bottom it was like I was in a completely different world.

From that point on I have fallen in love with diving.

Throughout the month I have gained new skills, having passed my open water course. I am now working on my advanced open water course. And, I am starting to investigate what I want to do next. And, how far I can go with the qualifications I attain at Latchi Dive Centre. My goals in diving are to go as far as I can and try and reach the very top. Diving is more than just a sport. it’s a way of life. And, I would really like to share this passion with the rest of the world.


My name is Jack, and I'm a Latchi Dive Centre Intern


If you are looking for a summer of fun and hard work, working in Cyprus, spending your time learning a new skill set, meeting lots of people with similar interests, all on the doorstep of the stunning coastline of the Akamas peninsula; home of the Blue Lagoon, then maybe Latchi Watersports Centre is the place for you.
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