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Turtle Rescue

The Dangers to Sea Life

During today’s safety boat tour up to Cape Arnautis on the Akamas Peninsula, two of the Latchi Watersports team came across a very sorry sight. They found a rather large green turtle (Chelonia-Mydas) on the north side of the popular St. George’s Island dive site completely tangled in fishing line.


Turtle Rescue in the Akamas Peninsula

The female turtle appeared to be in distress as she spent most of her time at the surface struggling to stay afloat.

After a failed freediving attempt to assist her, our two safety boat drivers radioed our main office. The staff there quickly gathered scuba diving equipment along with line cutters and other provisions for the divers. Two members of our esteemed and highly attractive dive team and John from the yard went out on a rescue mission.

Within two minutes of arriving at the site, they found her at the surface.

One of our divers donned his dive equipment and jumped in to begin the untangling process. After an initial struggle attempting to get the turtle to a position where they could help without causing further injuries; the dive team quickly realised that it would be better to lift her into the safety boat. They used the boats ‘Man Overboard Recovery System’ to safely and carefully lift the turtle into the boat.

They discovered a mass of fishing line and hooks caught around her front and back flippers. And, around her neck. The rescue team used line cutters and a small set of clippers to free from her plastic prison.

It was not an easy task.

As you can imagine she is a large and powerful turtle. And, she was understandably scared at first. It took three members of our team to lift her into the boat. However, once she realised that she was being helped and no longer in pain, she quickly calmed down and allowed the team to cut away all the fishing line. We are very happy to announce that our stunning turtle friend who we have lovingly named ‘Tilly’ is back where she belongs. In her ocean home swimming free from any restraints.

This was a truly distressing thing to come across here at Latchi Dive Centre. The ocean is our office. And, its marine life is the icing on the cake when it comes to working in such a beautiful setting every single day.

Please make sure you NEVER drop anything in the sea. No matter how little the impact you may think. Always take your litter home with you. Make sure to recycle everything that you can.

We take ocean conservation and the wellbeing of the Cypriot marine life very seriously. We only wish to see turtles living and swimming happily.


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