Diving the West Wall of St. George’s Island, Latchi

Diving the West Wall of St. George’s Island in Latchi

A stunning photo was taken by John Duggan from the bottom of the west wall of St George's Island.

One of the most popular dive sites in Cyprus that we visit on our daily dive trips. The west wall of St. George's island is a dive site that is suitable for all levels of divers. The visibility is normally 20 metres but can be up to 40 metres. A sheer drop from 10 to 32 metres will make any diver’s day!

The bottom continues to slope down to 40m.

The West wall is a fabulous dive site. Brilliant for more advanced divers and those divers who would like to complete their PADI deep diver course. Colourful sea slugs can be seen at the bottom of the wall. And, many varieties of fish. Look into any of the crevices and you’ll find octopus, moray eels, peacock worms, squirrel fish and lots more besides. A wide-open cave at a depth of 8m is a wonderful way to finish off the dive.

The east/south side of the island also offers excellent tunnels. Swim through huge schools of fish, including cornet fish, squid, bream, tuna, grouper and even barracuda! Most of the marine life can be seen between depths of 10 – 15 metres. Furthermore, for the adventurous divers, at 42 metres you will find 16th-century boat anchors.

Current sea conditions are regularly revealing more than 30 meters of visibility each day.

And, if you’re a fair-weather-diver the water here in Cyprus is already more than 24c at the surface. Imagine how gloriously warm it will be in Summer.

So, what are you waiting for? Latchi Dive Centre is a PADI 5 Star Dive Centre. Whether you’re looking for some daily-dive fun at places such as the west wall of St. George's island, or any of our other dive sites, you’re going to have an amazing diving experience.


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