Zenobia Wreck, why I love to dive this site

The Zenobia wreck where you see something new on every dive!

Setting off early in the morning for the drive to Larnaka (Larnaca), we stop for breakfast on the way. MacDonald’s is usually the preferred choice. Once in Larnaka, we transfer all of our equipment to the boat that will take us to the Zenobia wreck; typically the “Queen of Zenobia”.

Over a coffee, we discuss of the Zenobia wreck layout and prepare our kit for the first dive; following a thorough briefing including safety points of wreck diving.

Beginning on the side of the Zenobia wreck, we ensure all our straps are nice and tight. Next, descending over the truck deck to a depth of 25-28 metres before swimming onto the loading ramps to see all the remaining trucks that are still chained to the deck.

At a depth of 28 metres, we swim between the two loading ramps. Looking at how big is the ship (picturing it the right way up) before floating towards the starboard propeller, we stop to take some memorable photographs. 

Back onboard the Queen of Zenobia, we change our tanks and unwind. 

We always take one hour and 15 minutes for this surface interval to rehydrate and chat about our dive. After a subsequent briefing, we descend on dive number-two but not before taking a look at the delicious chicken on the BBQ that awaits our return to the surface.

After checking our straps are secure, we swim along the side of the Zenobia wreck of what was the accommodation deck. Looking into windows and stopping every now and then as large groupers swim past; or pointing out the toilets and washbasins that are still there. We then come to the canteen seeing the carpet (yes, it really is still there) and coffee and coke machines, trays rails etc.

A popular place to get some great photos is at the reserve anchors – just before we go over the side to look over the main anchor. At a depth of 30 metres, we swim around to the bow (this can feel a little disorientating because the ship is on its side).

A great place to get an idea of the scale of the ship is from the front. Next, we ascend somewhat and swim towards the bridge so we can look at the gauges. From the bridge deck, we swim a different way around into the canteen and reflect on what good condition is the stainless steel even after 40 Years submerged.

As we head to our ascent line, we come to the lifeboats albeit split and cracked you can still see them in their launching system.

Once back on the Queen it time to strip-down the kit, dry and change clothes, before digging into the lovely Chicken Souvla and all the trimming for lunch as we head back to the harbour.




David Stangroom

I used to work on the cruise ships and was asked if I wanted to complete my Open Water diving course in St. Croix. From my first dive with Eagle rays and Nursing sharks, it was just……wow. So 4 years ago I decided I wanted to become an instructor and have never looked back! I’m now a PADI IDC Staff Instructor and a sailing instructor.

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    The Zenobia is the Number one dive site in Cyprus and rated among the top 10 wreck dives in the world! She’s a 172m long Swedish roll-on roll-off ferry that sank on her maiden voyage from Sweden to Syria. She started to list off the coast of Cyprus due to a problem with the ballast tanks. Read More HERE

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